Dee-1 & Sevyn Streeter Remind Us That ‘Love Always Wins’

Following the release of his much anticipated major label debut album Slingshot David last year, New Orleans native Dee-1 shares the visual for the single “Love Always Wins.” Known for his inspiring messages and thought-provoking lyrics, the schoolteacher-turned-rapper teamed up with singer Sevyn Streeter to create a track full of hope despite the world’s current social and political climate. His unshakable faith is fully apparent as he says, “Man, people so lost, I see it every day / Especially around my way, New Orleans where I stay / God, you been my rock, my savior and my friend / And, you taught me the ultimate law / Love always wins.” Streeter echoes these sentiments on the hook singing, “Back and forth and round and round again / Living in a world where everybody ain’t your friend / And gravity keeps pulling me, it’s taking all my energy / I seem to feed, and I don’t know what’s left of me / But, I know love will always win.”

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The visual captures the two as strangers, first locking eyes in an elevator. Though they live separate lives as next door neighbors, we see the parallels via a split screen. Streeter’s struggles appear to be rooted in her relationship woes, while Dee is disturbed by all he sees happening in his community. Still, both are aghast while viewing scenes of violence and protests on TV. The two finally connect in a hallway via a shared belief in the “ultimate law” that “love always wins.”

“Working on this song with Sevyn Streeter felt magical,” says Dee-1. “We both put our hearts into it and we know how much the world needs to hear this message. With all the fighting, discrimination, shooting and hating going on, it’s important to know that LOVE is more powerful than anything.” The video is a hopeful reminder at a time when everything around us seems to call our faith to the carpet. At just 28 years of age, Dee-1 is to be applauded for continually using his art to promote messages of love, faith and discipline, as well as his “mission vision” of being “real, righteous and relevant.” He is easily one of the most prolific and gifted artists of his generation.

Take a break from the chaos and check out Dee-1’s video for “Love Always Wins” featuring Sevyn Streeter below. Having wrapped up his Slingshot David Tour in support of his album last month, word on the street is that he will hit the road once again this spring. Check out his website for tour dates and keep up with all his moves on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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