DAWN Returns To Make Some Empowering ‘WAVES’

On the low, DΔWN is perhaps one of the most innovative and original artists of recent years. She’s been hellbent on blending and fusing electronic, dance, pop, hip-hop and R&B since she first embarked on her solo career and damn if she isn’t making it work. It’s this unique blend that’s made listeners take notice as she creates her own musical path. DΔWN has also made sure to include powerful messages in her music, especially when it comes to the strength and resilience of women. She continues that tradition with her latest single, “WAVES.”

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Giving us a more hip-hop soul sound with piano, blaring synths and even a little electric guitar courtesy of producer Cole MGN, DΔWN sends this one out to the ladies as she challenges women to know and exert their worth. She starts things off from a personal position, giving us a quick basketball analogy to get her point across, singing, “I’ma have to come from off the bench / Play my 50-minute stretch baby / You been having me up on the sideline / When I’m Curry on the press.” But that’s not all the flexing she does, letting us all know that we are kings and worthy of being acknowledged as such. Oh, and if the chumps and bustas of the world ain’t on your wave, then wave that money in their face and move on. “i promised that i would release new music when i had shit to say,” she wrote on Facebook after dropping the track. “this is for every woman underpaid, under appreciated, undervalued and undermined… the underdog. ‘get cocky wit yo wave.'”

“WAVES” is available to download as part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program and you can stream the track in full right here.

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