SoulBounce Exclusive: Loah Shows The Journey To Becoming 'Unveiled'

Singer/songwriter Loah describes her music as "ArtSoul," which is itself a blend of numerous genres with soul at its heart. The Irish/Sierra Leonean artist gives us a taste of her ArtSoul experience on her EP This Heart, which was released last summer. One of the standout cuts on the project is the track "Unveiled." Acoustic guitar performed by Niwel Tsumbu sets the backdrop for Loah's soaring vocals as she encourages artists to express themselves. Loah tells us that the song "is musically inspired by the Saharan blues of Mali and is a lyrical musing on the urgency to give life to our dreams and to our creative purpose, or leave this world unfulfilled." This urgency and search for purpose comes to life in the music video for "Unveiled," which SoulBounce is happy to exclusively world premiere.

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The visual directed by Ellius Grace follows a man wearing tribal facepaint as he leaves his flat and starts walking the streets. His walk takes him from the bustling city streets to and a calm forest. He appears to be wandering to nowhere when he happens upon a group of people, including Loah herself, standing in the road. Although these strangers block his path, for the first time our leading man actually smiles as they welcome him. Their faces are also painted and they begin an interpretive dance as they bring him into their flock. He has finally found his tribe.

Loah shares that her "hope is that the song and video will spread a positive message and give our audience something to think about." Indeed, she has given us food for thought as we all search for our place in the world. To hear more from this exciting talent, make sure to check out This Heart, which is available for purchase from Bandcamp or iTunes. Stay abreast of what's next for Loah via her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and if you're in the UK you can see her perform live at Barbican on March 5th.

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