SoulBounce Exclusive: Drew Scott Has An 'Unhealthy' Addiction

Singer/songwriter/producer Drew Scott has worked with many of your faves, including Teyana Taylor, Dawn Richard, Luke James, Fantasia and Zendaya, and garnered two GRAMMY nominations in the process. His resume of past work is no doubt impressive, but what we're most excited about is what he's doing now and has got coming next. Drew is kicking off 2018 with new music of his own with the track "Unhealthy," which is the second single from the third and final installment of his Place I've Ever Been series. The penultimate release will bring the series that he began back in 2013 full circle.

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On "Unhealthy" Drew Scott sings about an addictive love that leaves him feenin' like a Jodeci song. Sure, his lover makes him feel amazing when he sings lyrics such as, "My body craves your attention" and "I need your love like it's medicine," on the wavy R&B production with scattered hi-hats and trembling Rhodes. But too much of a good-good thing has affected Drew's good sense. Sensing that his dealer might be supplying someone else, Scott pleads for answers on the chorus, "Can you just tell me / If there's someone else please / Cause this isn't healthy / No, this shit's unhealthy." By the second verse, it's clear that he needs to get help. "Don't make a fool of me / Why are you gonna leave? / You hold the remedy to my infection," he sings to the one who is the cause and the cure of his affliction.

“Love can be healing or toxic," Drew shares, breaking down some truths about love and his inspiration behind the song. "Depending on the amount [dosage] you intake, love can have you on a high or going through withdrawals. There comes a point in every relationship you have to analyze if you’re the buyer or supplier of love.”

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SoulBounce is happy to world premiere Drew Scott's "Unhealthy," and we encourage you to keep an ear out for what this multi-talented artist has on the way. Stream the song via Spotify below and cop it for your music collection from iTunes.

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