Pablo Nouvelle & Andreya Triana Bask In The ‘Sunshine In Stereo’

Music makes life better. Whether you are at the top of your game or you’d rather wallow in your feelings for a bit, good music can enhance these emotions and provide the perfect soundtrack. Swiss DJ, producer and filmmaker Pablo Nouvelle has gifted fans with a melodic treat that is sure to warm your soul during these chilly winter months. For his latest single “Sunshine in Stereo” he teams up with London-based singer Andreya Triana to deliver a catchy, deep house track that ultimately serves as a love song to music. Over a seamless blend of electronica and soul, Andreya, who has worked previously with Flying Lotus, Mr. Scruff and Bonobo, sings about that feeling we all get when we catch a good groove. In a pristine and angelic voice, she sings of music’s ability to elevate any mood with the lyrics, “I don’t see the rain and stormy weather when you’re flowin’ out my headphones / You fit all the pieces back together like sunshine in stereo.”

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Feeling blessed to have worked with Andreya, Pablo explains, “The song pays homage to the roots of my sound and hers: soul music. Like an analogy to my musical background, the song came a long way: from its first classic soul demo shape to the more electronic tune it is now, influenced by all kinds of musicians and inspirations who all contributed to ‘Sunshine In Stereo’.” Andreya chimes in and notes, “It’s about my love of music and sitting in my room as a kid obsessively listening to artists I loved. It was like a ray of sunshine was coming out of my stereo speakers. It’s a really honest story about those childhood times, so the song is very close to my heart.”

Give Pablo Nouvelle’s “Sunshine in Stereo” featuring Andreya Triana a spin below, and join us as we bask in the warm fuzzies it gives us. The track is the first single from his forthcoming third album Wired, which is due to be released in March. In the meantime, head to his website to check out his upcoming tour dates, and keep up with all his moves by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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