Joyce Wrice Says ‘Good Morning’ To ‘COLORS’

During her European tour last fall, singer/songwriter Joyce Wrice found time to grace the COLORS studio stage in Berlin. The platform provides a minimalist vibe, showcasing only the artist, a microphone and a colored background. Rocking an all-white denim outfit, the California cutie transcended into her own world as she sang her most recent single, “Good Morning,” live on a slate blue set. The ’90s-inspired tune produced by Jamma-Dee is all about getting it on at the break of dawn. Though her tone is sweet and angelic, she wastes no time telling her lover exactly what she wants. She sings, “Seven o’clock in the morning / All I want you to do / Is get up on top of me (me) / Because I’m all up on you,” making it known that morning time is the right time.

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In true throwback fashion, the track was released as maxi-single, complete with three remixes by producers Benedek, Mndsgn and Swarvy. “This project really goes back to dragging my mom to the CD store and buying maxi-singles for me,” she says. “Back then, they used to have maxi-singles which included the main track and then the acapella, instrumental and remixes. I really enjoyed these because I’ve always loved not only music but the voice as an instrument.” She also describes the song as a response to Usher’s 1998 hit “Nice & Slow,” noting its “super-intimate and warm vision.” We get it, and we are absolutely here for it.

Watch Joyce Wrice perform “Good Morning” for COLORS below, and add this baby-making track to your cold weather playlist. While the song serves as a lovely follow-up to her single “Rocket Science” with Kay Franklin, there is no word on whether the tune is setting the stage for a follow-up project to her 2016 EP, Stay Around. Still, she’s given us plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. Keep up with her and all of her moves by visiting her website, and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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