Charlie Puth & Boyz II Men Try To Get That Old Thing Back On ‘If You Leave Me Now’

Charlie Puth has been facing a lot of heartache lately. The first two singles from his upcoming sophomore album, Voicenotes, have found him trying to resolve his issues with his main girl. Unfortunately, those two danceable tunes didn’t help him get that old thing back. For his third try, Mr. Puth decided to give us a throwback ’90s ballad, enlisting the aid of premiere ’90s boy band, Boyz II Men. The group has proven they can make the sides effects of prescription medicine sound romantic, so convincing a lover to stay is slight work for the Motown Philadelphians.

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“No, this is not goodbye / I swear that I’m gonna change / No, baby please don’t cry / It doesn’t have to end this way,” Charlie sings over heavenly harmonies and finger snaps of Wanya MorrisNathan Morris and Shawn Stockman. Lush doesn’t even begin to describe the a cappella ballad that the Boyz and Puth have crafted here. Are the lyrics anything revolutionary? Not really. But Boyz II Men help Charlie Puth to express his longing to his lover on pop-R&B song that is fully within their hitmaking wheelhouse. This sounds like their ’90s heyday all over again.

“If You Leave Me Now” is the third single from Charlie Puth’s upcoming release Voicenotes, due to drop on January 19th. It follows previous singles “Attention” and “How Long.”  Click play below to get into the mellifluous melodies courtesy of Wanya, Nathan, Shawn and, of course, Charlie.

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