DAWN Slays Time With Fierce Looks In ‘Stopwatch’

A few months ago, DΔWN shared the electronic dancehall track, “Stopwatch,” an ode to letting these n****s know that she “Ain’t got no time to waste no time on you.” Now we’re being treated to a visual for the thumping track. Directed by Mikhail Mehra, the video for “Stopwatch” finds DΔWN showing off a variety of looks. If you’ve ever visited DΔWN’s Instagram, you know the girl doesn’t mind getting her Tyra Banks on. The concept for the video was right on time for the diva.

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In “Stopwatch,” DΔWN is every woman, it’s all in her. Not just in occupation, attitude or style, but in the fact that she’s gotta live her own life and her significant other has to respect her and her time. Like a Black Barbie doll showing little girls they can be anything they want, she takes on the looks of an astronaut, a samurai, a bounty hunter and your typical ‘round the way girl riding around in a drop top. The visuals are accented by psychedelic colors that are reminiscent of the Jamaican flag, along with purples, pinks and blues. The underlying message, or what we’re guessing because who really knows, is that DΔWN is too busy doing her own thing, whatever role that might be, to waste her time with a lover who can’t get with the program. And knowing DΔWN, that program changes up pretty quickly. Whoever she’s dating better be able to keep up with the pace or at least keep things interesting.

“Stopwatch” just might be the least experimental of DΔWN’s visuals. There are no 4D graphics, intricate dance scenes or hidden messages you’ll need to smoke an ounce to figure out. But, it’s still fun and a perfect complement to the uptempo island groove. We aren’t quite sure whether “Stopwatch” is a one-off or part of an upcoming project from the diva. We’ll wait and see what happens in the new year. Until then, hit play and get into the latest visual from Ms. Richard.

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