Tank Bared It All 'When' He Performed At The 2017 Soul Train Awards

Photo Credit: Wayne Posner/BET

Tank put his good suit on to serenade the 2017 Soul Train Awards audience last night. The smooth crooner started his performance seated at a crimson grand piano, tickling the ivories for a brief yet soulful performance of his 2007 debut single "Please Don't Go." After plying us with that love song, he stepped away from the piano and segued into his sultry single "When We."

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Backed by four dancers adorned in provocative outfits, Tank took everyone on a sensual voyage. Things started heating up when Tank gingerly unbuttoned his shirt and went bare-chested for the majority of his performance. While he did take it all the way there, he at least censored himself, singing "When we love," instead of the original lyrics. While we would've loved to see more audience reactions to the chest-naked singer, we can only imagine BET CEO Debra Lee was clutching her pearls in the front row.

We shoulda known there was a good reason why Soul Train Awards host Erykah Badu told the ladies to "squoze your legs" before Tank even hit the stage. He definitely did it for the lovers and his admirers and proved why he calls himself a SAVAGE. Watch Tank's scandalous 2017 Soul Train Awards performance and try not to get hot and bothered.

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