Tammy Rivera Holds Her Man Down In ‘All These Kisses’

Tammy Rivera may be mostly known as Waka Flocka‘s better half and a cast member alongside her husband on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but now she’s the latest reality star with R&B dreams. Earlier this year, the 31-year-old businesswoman and fashion designer added singer to her resume with the release of her official debut single “All These Kisses” in June. On the Rico Love-produced track, Rivera sweetly sings to her hard-working man and promises to be his comfort zone when he gets home.

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For the “All These Kisses” music video, DirectorCricket and The Risktakerz go behind the camera to create an emotional mini-movie that follows Rivera and three men whose lives are connected. The video opens with scenes of one man enjoying family time with his daughters and wife, a second man on the job as a cook and a third man who works in construction walking into a check cashing spot. Meanwhile, Tammy is seen singing in a practically empty house or outside sitting on a pile of furniture and assorted household items. As the clip progresses, the husband receives some bad news from his co-worker and leaves the work site in a rush. The construction worker later winds up at the diner where the cook works. He ends his shift and goes home only to find an eviction notice on the door, but Tammy soon opens it and assures him that everything is going to be OK. She is also seen throughout the video as a hazy apparition in a flowing white dress, and we soon realize that she’s an angel watching over the first man who lost his wife and is now left to care for their two daughters who hug him tightly at her gravesite.

There’s a lot packed into these three minutes, but the “All These Kisses” visual effectively tells a searing story in that short time frame. Although the song is about a woman showering her man with love and affection, we appreciate that Tammy Rivera and her creative team went in another direction for the video and gave us all the feels in the process.

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