Shaun Ross’ ‘Symmetry’ Comes To Life In Animated Clip

Shaun Ross, best known as a male supermodel whose unique look landed him on runways, in print ads and in music videos, caught us by surprise when he dropped his ambitious debut single “Symmetry” earlier this month. The Brook D’Leau-produced track found Shaun waxing poetic about standards of beauty and finding the beauty within oneself, an important message indeed. It also showed that Shaun had some impressive musical talent. Of course, the next step after releasing a buzzy new single is releasing a video to accompany it, which Shaun has done with an animated visual for the track.

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Rather than go the typical route and have a video featuring him and a bunch of beautiful people, Shaun instead went far more artistic for “Symmetry.” First, he tapped Broadway actress and singer Brittany Campbell to animate and direct the clip, which illustrates not only the song’s lyrics but also the journey to find the beauty within. “I wanted to create a new experience that could allow people to think differently,” Ross told PAPER Magazine about the video. “We live in a society where creativity only lives for a few minutes, so I wanted to show something new even if I’m physically not in the video. When it came to choosing how I wanted to do my video, it wasn’t until I saw an animation Brittany Campbell made of myself in the video ‘HEROS’ that I knew I wanted my first video to be animated by her to tell the story right.”

The almost comic-book-like clip is definitely an interesting watch, giving us something to think about while presenting an arresting visual story. Check out the clip for Shaun Ross’ “Symmetry” below.

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