Kimbra Is Feeling Herself On ‘Top Of The World’

It’s starting to look like our girl Kimbra is aiming to step out hotter next year with her upcoming album Primal Heart. The set is shaping up to be a different look for her, which we gathered from the set’s lead single “Everybody Knows” and its accompanying video. Now the singer is making yet another sharp departure with the revealing of her new single and video “Top Of The World.”

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Music-wise, “Top Of The World” finds Kimbra trying out a less-melodic style. Replacing her sugary-sweet harmonies is a more tribal feel courtesy of Skrillex, who hits her off with dark, dramatic production full of boldness and attitude. The track’s feel definitely spills into Kimbra’s performance. Instead of giving us sweetly sung verses, she gives us unexpected raps where she’s feeling herself more than a bit. “On a condition / We on our way to the top / We got the world at our fingers / We make the penny drop,” she rhymes in the opening verse. “Gotta get in and get outta the gate / I won’t stop till I wake / I’ll say it loud till I mean it / Talk like I be the messiah.”

She takes it to another level in the video. Donning daring black looks (including dresses and jumpsuits that look barely stitched together and skintight latex), she vamps and flexes while bringing the house down —literally. Despite wrecking shop, she remains unfazed as she turns her swagger up to a hundred thousand trillion while giving the camera more than a few slays. We see you, Kimbra!

Check out the video for “Top Of The World” below and look out for Primal Heart, which drops on January 28th.

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