You'll Be 'Incapable' Of Forgetting Keyshia Cole At The 2017 Soul Train Awards

Photo Credit: Wayne Posner/BET

Keyshia Cole has been rather busy promoting her new album, 11:11 Reset. It goes without saying that she would pay a visit to the 2017 Soul Train Awards to let everyone know she's got that new-new. To seal the deal, the artist delivered a dazzling performance, slaying hearts and minds with her latest single “Incapable.”

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For her throwback-sounding single, Cole went with an old-school nightclub setting for the stage, decorating it with tables, a bar and vintage lamps. The “Love” singer stepped into her light sporting a Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal”-inspired look of a white fedora, silver sequined vest and leggings and black blouse. Flanked by dancers, the star gave us an emotional, albeit by-the-numbers, performance. During the breakdown, Cole even took off her cool and performed a little two-step. While Frankie's baby isn’t known for being light on her feet, we’re not mad at her for giving us her MJ-lite dance moves. It added a little something something to her performance.

Cole’s performance on the Soul Train Awards stage was solid, even if it was somewhat hindered by poor lighting and awkward choreography. While the nightclub theme was cool, some of the theatrics of the dancers were lost to the shadows. However, Cole didn’t disappoint when it came to hitting her notes, giving us a decent performance that stood out amongst her past live showings.

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