Emeli Sandé Releases ‘Kingdom Coming’ EP & New Single ‘Soon’ With Dave East

Singer/songwriter Emeli Sandé has been rather busy. The “Garden” singer has been touring across the UK, amazing audiences with her silky voice and heartfelt lyrics. While on the road, she seems to have found time to record an EP of new music titled Kingdom Coming, which dropped today. Previous releases “Starlight” and “Higher” featuring Giggs dazzled us, however, “Soon” featuring Dave East tells a story that has us in our feels.

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“Soon” details a long-distance love affair that has both parties stretched thin. Against a soundbed of kick drums, snares, melancholy strings and harmonies, Sandé  weaves her tale of woe. Emeli makes the promise to her lover via letter that she’s going to come see him at some point. Unfortunately, life is getting in the way. Emeli has a laundry list of good reasons that prevent her from seeing her husband, from keeping the kids to funds being low. It’s also causing her family to fall apart. While the song never addresses why her lover can’t visit her, we can only imagine. Dave East doesn’t disappoint with a few bars that reiterate the same feelings of hope and despair as Sandé: “Emotionally rich, physically broke, negative seeds get planted, spirits can grow.”

“Soon” is featured on Emeli Sandé ’s Kingdom Coming EP, a follow-up to her 2016 sophomore album, Long Live The Angels. Other highlights on the EP include “Love Not War” and “Deep,” but it’s an overall enjoyable listen and solid addition to Sandé’s catalog. You can listen to the entire project right here and scoop it up right now on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

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