Daniel Caesar Captures Both Sides In ‘Freudian’ Visual

After earning two GRAMMY nominations for his debut studio album Freudian, singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar released an astounding visual for the title track. The introspective video captures the Canadian crooner facing two very different emotions with the help of a split-screen. On one side, we see an obviously distraught Caesar sitting alone in a dimly lit room. In contrast, on the other side we see him in a more vibrant room surrounded by beautiful women. Suddenly, the scene fades to black and we gaze upon a stunning sunlit landscape of a tree-lined road while the track’s glorious female harmonies play. Caesar appears once again, this time decked out in a boot camp uniform, running alongside his group of female cadets urging and yelling at them in true drill sergeant form. However, it seems one of the cadets has had enough, as she breaks formation and proceeds to mush her commander upside his head and she herself finishes out the last verse of the song.

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The visual, directed by Keavan Yazdani and Sean Brown, cleverly showcases comparisons between Caesar’s conscious and subconscious mind. “It’s an introspective look into why Daniel is the way he is, and the relationships in his life that are responsible for such,” Yazdani explained. He says the second half of the video was inspired by the movie Full Metal Jacket, and says, “Danny instructing the drill line as the sergeant is him finally taking control of all the relationships he’s experienced. Leading, as opposed to being lead.” It seems this is a case of life imitating art, as Caesar has certainly taken lead of the R&B genre with the frenzy sparked by his debut project and now the honor of being nominated for the industry’s most coveted awards.

Watch the video for “Freudian,” and you’ll likely notice and uncover something new every time you view it. Though according to Instagram, he’s just proud to be nominated, we’ll all be watching the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony on January 28, 2018 to see if he takes home the win for this most prestigious honor.

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