Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler Want To Make You ‘Dance’

Detroit collective Will Sessions and longtime collaborator Amp Fiddler have dropped a flaming piece of funk to heat up the coldest of days. Ahead of their new live album, their latest offering “Dance Girl/Chameleon” will inspire you to bust a move on the closest dance floor. The funk/soul/jazz outfit take us on an instrumental joyride with a pulsating groove to draw us into their world of sound.

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With expert live instrumentation, you’ll be motivated to listen to “Dance Girl/Chameleon” on repeat. A true musical experience, the track is complete with live audience adulation to remind you these cats are talented —  if for some reason you didn’t already pick that up.

Amp’s new album Amp Dog Knights, will be released on Mahogani Music on November 10th but before then his collaborative live album with Will Sessions arrives on November 3rd. The joint project, Kindred Live, includes material recorded live during two Detroit shows that could replace a live performance experience if you have yet to catch these cats in concert.  If you like their groove, you can pre-order Kindred Live now at Fatbeats on CD, vinyl and MP3. Listen to “Dance Girl/Chameleon” below and prepare to get lost in the groove when you press play.

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