This Week In SoulBounce: Tamar Braxton Files For Divorce, Janet Jackson Could Be Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Plus 1, Rihanna's Stacking That Paper & More

It's close to midnight (well, not really), and something messy's lurking in the dark. Oh, wait, that's just This Week In SoulBounce. Halloween's just around the corner, but what's really scary is that this is the last TWISB of October. Funny how time flies when you're gathering the latest music news. Good thing this week's edition is extra, super duper juicy (is it just us or did this week seem to have more revelations than a poorly paced soap opera?). Of course, we're leading off with the news that shocked everyone (read: no one) but is still sad nonetheless: Tamar Braxton is divorcing her hubby Vincent Herbert. As if that weren't big enough, we also got word this week that Janet Jackson is officially unbanned by the NFL, with sources fanning the flames that she could be a special guest during Justin Timberlake's halftime performance at next year's Super Bowl. Then there's that news that Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty is making a killing with her Fenty Beauty line to the tune of millions. Hey now! All of that, plus news on Mary J. Blige and Kendu's latest drama, Tina Campbell's ticket sales (or lack thereof), Teyana Taylor's special moment with her idol and much, much more. Get to reading for your life inside this killer, thriller edition of TWISB.

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