The Baylor Project Encourage You To 'Laugh And Move On'

The Baylor Project released their debut album The Journey back in February, and what a journey it's been for the husband and wife duo. Jean Baylor and Marcus Baylor have brought their love to life on the collection that blends of jazz, soul, gospel and blues over the course of 11 tracks that put their talents and affections on full display. Matters of the heart are central to the project's current single "Laugh and Move On," which has received a simple yet stylish music video treatment.

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The black-and-white video for "Laugh and Move On" mostly features The Baylor Project performing on a stark white set. Jean looks regal in a ball gown as she stands at the microphone waiting to sing. Marcus casually walks up to her and kisses her on the cheek before going to have a seat at his drumkit. The Baylors are joined by a pianist and upright bass player to round out the band. Once Jean starts singing, however, the focus is all on her and her angelic voice as she delivers some hard truths. "You've got to laugh and move on / Holding on to something bad won't make it any better / You've got to laugh and move on / Learning to live love and let it go," she encourages on the chorus. As the visual progresses, we see a married couple arguing, a woman crying and a handcuffed man stressing out. They all heed Jean's advice in the lyrics, though, and let go of their problems by the video's colorful end.

"Laugh and Move On" is a song with a salient message not just for people in relationships but anyone. According to Jean, "There isn't a person in this world who can't relate to 'Laugh and Move On.' The lyrics speak to the heart of every human being." Marcus takes it a step further to add, "'Laugh and Move On' is an important song in today's climate because it provides a musical route for human healing."

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The Baylor Project's "Laugh and Move On" is indeed soul food and musical medicine. Watch the video for "Laugh and Move On," and keep up with their continuing journey on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and their official website.

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