Majid Jordan Lights Up The Night To Make Your ‘Body Talk’

Majid Jordan has a reason to celebrate, as their sophomore album The Space Between just dropped this past Friday. However, while we’re sure they popped a few bottles in celebration of the moment, the fellas still have an album to promote. To that effect, the duo continues the promo trail by offering up a trippy, light-filled spectacle of a video for the slinky latest single, “Body Talk.”

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In the clip, directed by Common Good, the fellas take us into an enchanted the forest filled with nubile young women. After one wearing a neon-colored slicker ushers us into the setting, we’re introduced into a neon-lit fantasy in which the twosome provide the soundtrack. The fellas groove along as they perform while looking too cool for school while dipped in neon threads and utilizing camera tricks to produce eye-popping visual effects. However, taking center stage literally is a group of ten women dancing behind them. Arranged in different groupings, each doing a different set of choreography, the ladies bring the sexy jam to life as they move to the seductive rhythm, giving things an almost Daft Punk-like quality (think their ’98 “Around The World” video).

While we’re sure you’ll come for the sensual groove of “Body Talk,” the visual treatment will definitely have you watching this one (and possibly even replaying it a few times). Check out the clip for Majid Jordan’s “Body Talk” below.

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