Kehlani Teams Up With Budweiser For The Sexy & Creepy Halloween Anthem ‘Touch’


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Kehlani Parrish apparently isn’t slowing her roll for anyone. After delivering her debut album SweetSexySavage at the top of the year, the Oakland-based “singwriter” recently brought us the sweet acoustic ballad “Honey,” which has been in heavy rotation at SBHQ. Now she has teamed up with Budweiser and famed director Fleur Fortune to give us “the Halloween anthem the world has been waiting for.” Because, apparently, we were waiting for that sort of thing. While nothing is going to replace Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” or even Ray Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters,” we ain’t mad at this. It’s a spine-tingling sexy treat with an equally engaging video.

Musically, “Touch” is an electric pop ballad with a bombastic drum and bass backing track and some stutter stepping synths and other accoutrements. The track is both sexy and creepy. It captures the tension of finding a connection with someone, like finding the break between the material world and the spiritual world. At the very least it will sound good when you’ve popped a pill, making trapezoids with your glow sticks and adjusting yourself in your sexy but too tight and awkward fitting costume.

For the video, Fortune uses Budweiser’s legendary mascot, the Clydesdale, as a mythic figure. On All Hallow’s Eve, the great horse and his secret cult of followers/brand ambassadors descend on the world for a rave. It’s like the Great Pumpkin for adults. The video opens at dusk in a major city. We see two people getting ready for the night, a man feeling the Clydesdale in his spirit, while a woman paints her face. The man walks out ready for his night on the town, passing by a huge horse head and grabs his product placement pint of beer. We then see a Halloween parade straight out of 1800s France. The prized horse clips and clops through the video, going from the wilds of the forest to the urban jungle. From there, we are treated to an abundance of arresting gothic images of a deserted city that has become a playground for love, lust and revelry.

“Touch” delivers a sexy Halloween track that isn’t a song from The Weeknd. While “Touch” may not make it to heavy rotation like her last loosie, it will at least sound good in a mix between “Season of the Witch,” “A Nightmare on My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack. Hit play and get into the haunting vibes of “Touch.”

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