Bridget Kelly Just Wants To Be ‘Happy’

We last heard from singer/songwriter Bridget Kelly back in February when she released her mixtape Time Flies. Now that a few months have gone by, she’s ushering in a new season in her life with a new track. In “Happy For Me,” Bridget inspires us to find joy out of a relationship. Joined by a soulful guitar, she showcases her beautiful vocals on the acoustic cut and requests that her former bae be happy with her next moves.

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Bridget keeps the lyrics simple and to the point. “If I find a man who loves me / A man who needs me, more than you ever did / If I’m happy, please be happy for me / Please be happy for me,” she sweetly sings. She tried hanging in there with her ex, but there’s just so much that a woman can take. It sounds as if they parted amicably, though, and she’s ready to move on with no hard feelings. The ballad is easy, breezy and beautiful just like Bridget so you won’t really go wrong when you listen to her heartfelt plea.

The songstress started teasing the track back in September on her Instagram, and now that it’s out we’re wondering when we can expect more. Bridget hopped on Twitter to let fans know she would be dropping two more songs and a visual before a new album, so there’s hope for us yet. Until then, if you’re a reality TV junkie, you can find Bridget on this shenanigans-filled season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. 

Listen to “Happy For Me” below and find joy in your own imperfect situation. Now that we know she’s got more newness on the way, keep it locked right here for more updates on Bridget Kelly.

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