Can You Guess All The Black Films In Will Downing & Avery*Sunshine’s ‘I’m Feeling The Love’ Lyric Video?

As we get deeper into cuffing season, it is of the utmost importance to not only create a baelist of love songs but also a Netflix & Chill list of films to watch with the boo. Will Downing and Avery*Sunshine have now given us a little help with both. Their duet “I’m Feeling the Love” is a feel-good R&B song about love changing you into someone better. The new lyric video for the track continues the love fest, incorporating scenes from a few Black romantic films perfect for a night at home with your sweetheart.

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The lyric video for “I’m Feeling the Love” begins with an old-school ad warning patrons against loud talking or bad behavior. We then see scenes from a number of Black movies that show Black love, proud and unapologetic. The trip down memory lanes runs the gamut from Carmen Jones to Brown Sugar. Of course, not everything in love comes up roses. We also get that infamous scene from Waiting to Exhale when Angela Bassett burns all of Michael Beach’s stuff. Unfortunately, the clip stops before we see her walk off from the burning car smoking a cigarette. Between these scenes, we also get some stock footage of romantic sunsets, cityscapes and scenes of the two singers.

While not a big-budget affair, the lyric video for “I’m Feeling the Love” creatively uses nostalgia to get us in our feelings. “I’m Feeling the Love,” comes from Will Downing’s recently releasaed 20th album Soul Survivor. The project seamlessly blends smooth jazz with R&B, creating an intoxicating sound for lovers of all ages. For a taste of all the goodness of the project, watch the lyric video and see if you can name all the movies in it.

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