Rochelle Jordan Wants To Know ‘How U Want It’

Photo Credit: Easton Schirra

Well, well, well, look who snuck under our radar. We’ve always loved us some Rochelle Jordan (in fact, we still bump her 2014 debut 1021). However, she’s been AWOL on the solo tip for so long that we were about to send out an APB. Imagine our surprise, then, when we discover that not only is she sporting a brand new look (we definitely like, by the way) but she’s quietly released her new single “How U Want It.”

The song, produced by frequent D∆WN collaborator Machinedrum, finds RoJo further pushing the limits of R&B while still throwing back to the ’90s sound that she loves. The track begins with building layered synth strings, swelling and swelling until they make way for a simpler melodic cadence on the verse. Rochelle hops on here, playing coy with a love interest. “One o’ clock on the dot and I left my bag / On the couch at your spot, my bad,” she coos. “Maybe I did it on purpose / To see you again, yeah you heard it here first.” She then follows that with staccato questions as the production gets more and more hectic before crashing into the chorus, on which the swelling strings return as she bluntly states, “Tell me how you want / That’s the way I’ll give it.”

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It’s obvious from the song — and their previous collab “Tell U” — that RoJo and Machinedrum love playing with the form and function of music as we know it. Perhaps that’s why it’s fitting that “How U Want It” is the first release from Machinedrum’s new label, IAMSIAM, and might be the spark of even more collaborations between the two. Keep that possibility in mind as you check out Rochelle Jordan’s “How U Want It” and the song’s “Dot Crawl Remix” below.

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