Navasha Daya & Allyn Johnson Have A ‘Dream’ Worth Sharing

With one look at Navasha Daya‘s bio, you’ll see proof of her experience and influence as an artist. A casual listen to her vocals will more than convince you that she has talent. But if you really want to know what drives the singer/songwriter/producer, pay attention to her lyrics. She has a heart for the people, particularly those who are oppressed and suffering at the hands of injustice. We saw this passion in recent years with her Lom Nava Love documentary (directed by husband Fanon Hill) and also with songs like “Baltimore Goddam,” “Baltimore Stand Strong” and “It’s Still About Freedom.”

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Now, as many are reeling from Trump’s move to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), her lyrics and visuals for the jazz version of “I Too Dream of Things Beautiful” resonate in a powerful way. Though the song was released earlier this year, it almost sounds as if it were written specifically for “The Dreamers” when she sings, “We want healing, we want justice, we want freedom…I too dream, I dream of things beautiful…I do have the right, to dream of things beautiful.”

The Jack Angelo-directed visuals are uplifting as we see Navasha and pianist Allyn Johnson (who is amazing, by the way) give an inspiring performance. Upon the video’s release, Navasha offered a heartfelt tribute: “In these times of strife, violence, poverty and racism…holding a vision of beauty for ourselves, our families, our communities, our cities, our countries and the world is most crucial…With a collective vision of holding a space for beauty and justice for all, we as a human race can truly progress into the next stage of our evolution….Please accept this humble offering of sites and sounds from your own Navasha Daya.”

Listen, watch and share “I Too Dream of Things Beautiful,” then purchase the single via Bandcamp or iTunes.

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