Kenny Lattimore Attempts To 'Push' Past The Heartache

SoulBounce fave Kenny Lattimore is back and gearing up to release his ninth studio album, Vulnerable, next month. The collection looks to be a personal one for Kenny, with the artist opening up like never before. Before he unleashes the project, though, he's dropped off the set's first single and video, "Push."

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The song itself finds Kenny lamenting the demise of a relationship. While he's sad about what happened, however, he's not putting the blame on his former flame. Instead, he's taking the responsibility for pushing her away. "I admit that I was wrong / You deserve better, better, babe," he sings at the song's start. However, we soon realize that though he has regrets, he wants his lady back in his arms. He's a man a mission, singing on the chorus, "I pushed you away / Worst move I made / Oh you, I gotta get you back." The song's smoothed-out instrumentation, reminiscent of the late '80s/early '90s urban adult contemporary with its synths, snaps and adorning rhythm guitar, goes from quiet contemplation to slight urgency as the chorus kicks in, letting us feel the shift in his focus.

For the video, Kenny and his leading lady (played by Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame) look luminous on a sun-kissed beach despite the mood of the song. It paints the picture of a man greatly affected by letting the love of his life get away. The two aren't shown together for most of the video's duration, emphasizing the loneliness that they both feel. But because this is a Kenny Lattimore video, we're almost guaranteed a happy ending. And we get just that as the two lovers meet on the beach dressed in all white and stroll away along the shore hand-in-hand.

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Get into the video for "Push" below and look for Vulnerable to arrive in stores October 13th.

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