Lyrica Anderson Brings The Drama With 'Don't Take It Personal'

Life for an artist trying to get put on through reality TV ain't no crystal stair. It's filled with cat fights, faux drama, broken dreams and haters ready to call you a flop at every turn. For every Cardi B. rocking her "Bodak Yellow," there's a Joseline Hernandez still waiting for someone to "Run Me My Money." Not everyone can have a hit like Kim Zolciak, no matter how talented, coined or connected. However, we have to give props to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood supporting cast member Lyrica Anderson. The singer/songwriter has been on her grind for a minute, way before VH1 came knocking on her door. She's even written a tune or two for singers like Demi Lovato and Tinashe. No focusing on her own career, with her latest single "Don't Take It Personal," Anderson proves she's more than just an extra at a day party but a leading lady in her own right.

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On "Don't Take It Personal" Lyrica flips the script on our expectations of women in a relationship. Here, she admits that she's no good but her man shouldn't think it's about him. It's just the way she is. Or rather, it's how she's decided to protect her heart. She's putting her man through it to be sure he's truly down for her and really the one.

The video for "Don't Take It Personal" is also full of drama. It's like a BET Blackbuster film had a baby with the Lifetime movie of the week. In the cinematic visual, Lyrica is juggling two lovers — one a thug, the other a gentleman. However, things go from sugar to s**t quick, fast and in a hurry. While our girl is out here playing games and people, she gets caught up something serious and her life hangs in the balance at the cliffhanger ending.

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More than just another love song, Lyrica gives us another perspective on a good girl gone bad with "Don't Take It Personal." While "Don't Take It Personal" showcases some of Anderson's gifts, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention her last EP, Nasha Pearl, which is full of gems, particularly the baby-making kind. "Mean It" featuring Sevyn Streeter and "Fade to Sade" featuring Chris Brown are just a few notable tracks.

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