Jessie Ware Weaves A Mysterious Tale In 'Midnight'

This fall looks to be filled with musical returns from some of our faves. One return that we're eyeing pretty heavy is that of UK songstress Jessie Ware who is prepping her first album since 2o14's Tough Love. Last week, she gave us a preview of what's to come on her as-yet-untitled third album when she released her newest single, "Midnight." This week, she's doing us one better with the mysterious, film noir-styled video for the song.

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The clip starts with a moment under the blue-tinted waters of a swimming pool, an image that recurs throughout the clip. A clever camera cut then reveals Jessie sitting behind the wheel of classic Mustang in a parking garage. Dimly lit by neon lights, Jessie sings the romantic ballad as she steps out into the streets of Mallorca, Spain. However, rather than a confident stroll, she's constantly looking over her shoulder as if she's running from someone or something. Could it have something to do the body that's revealed to be floating in that pool we keep seeing? The mystery of it all is never truly revealed (which, we hope, means that this might be the first in a series of related videos from her upcoming album). OK, Jessie, you've definitely piqued our interest — not that you had to do much to get it.

Check out the video for "Midnight" right here and make sure to keep up with SoulBounce, as we plan to bring you much more info about Jessie's upcoming album as it's made available.

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