Drake's Father Dennis Graham Releases A 'Kinda Crazy' Music Video

When your son is Drake, you can pretty much do whatever you want. If that includes releasing your own slow jam, then so be it. Drake's father Dennis Graham officially released his single "Kinda Crazy" last year, and now he surprises us with the visuals.

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Decked out in his finest cream suit, knit kufi cap, OVO jewelry and mustache clearly inspired by Wallace and Walter Scott of The Whispers, Mr. Graham is surrounded by a bevy of young women throughout the video. Directed by Swedish director Nikeisha Andersson, the "Kinda Crazy" clip features Graham showing off his mean two-step in a smoke-filled room with a throne for the new King of the Quiet Storm and candelabra and a restaurant where he wines and dines with his entourage of PYTs.

An infectious electric guitar and soft keys serve as the foundation for Dennis' grown man vocals. "It's kinda crazy but I feel you underneath my skin / Oh, the first glance, I think, is where my obsession began / Oh, you looked into my eyes and burned into my soul / You kinda shook me, I was changed but something turns cold," he sings to the object of his desire.

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You've seen Mr. Graham around a lot, being featured on his son's project, More Life, and a comical commercial for Virginia Black Whiskey with the father and son duo. Unlike that ad, the video for "Kinda Crazy" is unintentionally amusing. Dennis Graham is all of our fathers -- if they decided to pursue a music career over the age of 60. Bless his heart. We're curious to see if more comes from Dennis and the OVO camp, so stay tuned for updates. Until then, watch "Kinda Crazy" right here and let us know if Dennis is giving you everything and more or if the track and video are just kinda crazy.

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