D’Angelo Delivers Three Remixes Ahead Of ‘Brown Sugar’ Reissue

Believe it or not, it’s been 22 years since D’Angelo released Brown Sugarthe album that jump started his career. Last month, the soulful trailblazer announced the release of a remastered deluxe version of his debut that remains a classic and we’ve been impatiently waiting (we did wait 14 years for Black Messiah after all). On the eve of the project’s release, the crooner has shared three cuts from the two-disc reissue to get us primed and ready for what we can expect from the special release that debuts tomorrow. The three samples include an updated version of his Smokey Robinson cover with the “Cruisin’ (Who’s Fooling Who Mix), “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Two Way Street Mix)” and “Brown Sugar (Incognito Molasses Remix).”

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“Cruisin’ (Who’s Fooling Who Mix)” gets sped up a beat and includes a new layer of percussion for hip-hop enthusiasts. D’Angelo’s vocals remain the same and the track gets a few new guitar licks to keep its bluesy vibe intact. “Brown Sugar (Incognito Molasses Remix)” gets a little more R&B with additional keys and funky horns that get their shine at the end of the track. Following suit with the other remixes, “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Two Way Street Mix)” also gets additional percussion, adding a hip-hop sample that makes the track just as dreamy as the original. A guitar breakdown at the end of the track will give you more motivation to revisit the classic album in its entirety.

The two-disc reissue, which drops on Friday, August 25th, features a whopping 21 rare remixes, alternate mixes, instrumental and a cappella versions of the album’s original tracks. You can expect contributors to include Dallas AustinKool G. RapErick SermonIncognitoDJ PremierCJ Mackintosh, Tech King and more. As an added bonus, the reissue includes a new CD booklet with lyrics, photos and an essay from filmmaker/author/journalist Nelson George. Dig into the three remixes below to see just how each track gets dusted off and a given a new sheen. And if you haven’t already, be sure to order your copy now via your favorite digital retailer.

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