Chris McClenney Shoots His Shot With A ‘Confession’

After flexing his creative muscles on covers of certified jams like Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” and lending his producing genius to hits such as Khalid’s double platinum “Location,” Chris McClenney returns to the mic and works his magic on his latest single, “Confession.” His voice is smooth and sincere as he switches between soothing R&B and energizing trap-style cadences. The track itself feels like summertime, light and airy with plenty of bounce. While we normally brace ourselves for foolishness when there’s a pending confession, McClenney’s sweet and simple lyrics put our hearts and minds at ease. Over the catchy, feel-good tune, he sings, “I only got one confession/Go with the flow/And all I want is your attention/And I had to let you know.”

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“‘Confession’ is a modern day-love song,” said the Maryland-raised, NY-based artist. “Today we’re competing for people’s attention more than ever before. Between social-media frenzy and all the wild political news happening on the daily, there are so many distractions. ‘Confession’ is a straightforward break from that. An honest and direct song. You’re really feeling that person you’re trying to be with, and at the end of the day, all you really want and need is just their attention. It’s simple and it makes you happy.” This latest offering makes us very happy indeed, and since the release of his debut EP Portrait In Two earlier this year, we are glad to see that he is back to writing, producing and mixing music for his own solo work.

Simplify your life and listen to Chris McClenney’s “Confession” below. Check out all of his reworks on his website and, while you’re there, be sure to take note of his upcoming shows in Seattle, Vancouver and New York.

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