Chanté Moore Returns To Give Us 'Something To Remember'

Earlier this year, Chanté Moore promised fans a new album, The Rise of the Phoenix, in February. But the month came and went with nothing from the "Chanté's Got a Man" singer. Thankfully, the songstress is back with an official release date and new music. After finding a "Real One," Chanté is now focused on making sure he doesn't get away by giving him "Something to Remember."

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“Something to Remember” is a mid-tempo, feel-good number about staying connected to the ones you love. Written by Moore and Felly The Voice, the song is about her real life challenge of keeping both her man and her fans satisfied while on the road. Chanté sings sweet nothings like, "Your pleasure is my only mission / Whether in the bedroom or shower or the kitchen," to get her lover not only hot and bothered but secure in the fact that she's down for whatever, whenever.

For the video, director Frank Gatson, Jr. stripped the R&B Diva of her Hollywood glitz and glamour to keep the focus on what's important: unadulterated Black love. The video takes place in a cozy apartment, where Moore and her leading man cook for each other, get tattoos as declarations of love and make out – a lot.

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“Something to Remember" is the second single from Chanté Moore’s upcoming seventh studio album. The Rise of the Phoenix will see the light of day on September 15th and is available for pre-order on iTunes now. The album promises to be Chanté's most personal album yet, featuring a blend of dance tracks, sensual ballads and anthems that touch your heart and soul. That may sound like a lofty task, but it's light work for this seasoned songstress. Moore will also take her show on the road, hitting a few cities on tour including Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Oakland, New York and many more to promote her new music and put on a hell of a concert. Prep forChanté Moore's new album next month and let her give you "Something To Remember" right here.

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