Bounce-Worthy: Micah Robinson

When your job is to support one of the most celebrated soul vocalists of his generation, you'd better be good. Actually, scratch that, you'd better be greatMicah Robinson meets the criteria, as he's been singing with eclectic soul maestro Bilal for years now. But that's not all the singer/songwriter has on his plate. Micah, who has wowed audiences while singing with Mr. Oliver and can nearly match him in tone, has ventured out on the solo tip a few times over the years, with his latest effort, "Speechless," enough to perk up our ears and make us deem him the latest Bounce-Worthy artist.

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But before we get to "Speechless," we must discuss what led him here. While working as a backing vocalist, Micah has dropped two other singles. The first was the 2012  jam "Clarity." The song was a great look into the sound that he was trying to create. It starts with a jazzy, soulful groove that found him working in a quieter, more subdued register. However, once the chorus ramped up, rock and psychedelic influences bleed through in a tidal wave of emotion. His next single, "1+2," was released the following year, continuing in the same vein as "Clarity" but adding a few more musical layers. It finds a lovelorn Micah singing about a girl he's lost to another man. His muffled vocal, though rarely rising in urgency, conveys all the emotion needed as the music washes over his vocals, introducing jazz influence to rocking guitars and even introducing the quick-paced drumming of drum 'n' bass before fading away as quietly as it started.

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