Tawiah Mesmerizes & Soothes In 'Move With Me'

British talent Tawiah has us enthralled with her most recent EP, Recreate. The five-song set, which features songs "Recreate Intro" and "Queens," is filled with ruminations on life, love and self-exploration and expansive sounds that she created with the album's co-producer, Sam Beste. If you've grabbed your copy of the EP (and if you haven't, what are you waiting on), then you've probably heard the beautiful quiet closing track "Move With Me." Now, nearly a month after the EP's release, she's gifted us with a lovely, visually stunning video for the song.

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The clip begins with Tawiah walking down a corridor as the soothing, airy synths play and light enters into the frame. As she sings a simple melody about love and intimacy, she walks, moves and grooves along, a smile on her face throughout. However, around the middle point of the video a few unique camera tricks and visual effects take the video's visuals to another level. Tawiah begins to wave and ripple and then dancers begin to dance and literally swirl around her, forming a mesmerizing double helix shape. From then on, the video takes on a wavy, rippled quality, complementing the feel of the song perfectly.

Speaking on the song, Tawiah told FADER, “'Move With Me' was written when Sam Beste (the co-producer) and I hit a wall with the post-production of the forthcoming album, we decided that for the remaining 2 hours of our session we would just start a completely new vibe just for fun with no expectations and 'Move with Me' was born. We listened back to it a few months later and really loved it. The free energy of the song felt like a nice way to end the EP.”

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Check out the mellow yet mesmerizing video for "Move With Me" below and pick up Tawiah's Recreate EP via Bandcamp now.

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