SoulBounce Exclusive: Catch Maya Killtron's 'Whiplash'

We all have fond memories of summers past. And we're pretty willing to bet that when you think back on those moments, they typically have a soundtrack. Canadian songstress Maya Killtron is no exception and she channels one of her musical memories with her brand new single "Whiplash." And since we're all about supplying the summertime vibes, SoulBounce has your first listen to the track.

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"Whiplash," which Maya created along with producers Milos Angelov and Jesse Bear and writer Chris Rouse, channels the sound of the early '80s for the track about finding love (or possibly lust) unexpectedly. As synthesizers blare and drum machines keep the pace, she tells her story. It's not your typical romance, as Maya spots a guy who turns her head. There's only one problem: she's already got a man. That doesn't seem to be a problem, though, as Maya and her "favorite mistake" seem to have engaged in a love affair that burned hot and fast. "Boy, you've got me whiplashed / You're always doing me right / Boy, you've got me whiplashed / Still want you every night," she sings on the chorus as she basks in her love hangover. However, while it's all good, Maya realizes that this is a short-lived fling. But, though it has to end, it seems it was damn good while it lasted.

"I could not wait to share this one," Maya told us. "It’s all my memories of summer sounds as a kid growing up in Brampton. The song comes from the first time I heard Michael Jackson’s 'PYT.' It was in my driveway in July. My Dad let me take our little radio outside while I washed the car. 'PYT' jumped out of the speakers and pretty much changed my ears forever. I never listened to music the same again. As with the other songs in the Never Dance Alone project, I didn’t want to copy my influences. I wanted to pay tribute to them while making each song my own. When you hear 'Whiplash,' you feel a memory but unmistakably hear Killtron."

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Maya has definitely captured that '80s summertime feel and made her own with "Whiplash." Go ahead and press play below to fall in love with this bona fide summer jam.

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