Rhye Returns To ‘Please’ Us During These ‘Summer Days’

You remember Rhye, right? Five years ago, the at-the-time mysterious duo of Canadian singer-songwriter Mike Milosh and Danish producer Robin Hannibal took our ears by quiet storm with their soothing, haunting melodies on their debut album Woman. After getting us, well, open, with joints like “Open,” “The Fall” and “3 Days,” it was hard for us to get their songs off our minds. So imagine the excitement of discovering that the group was back with not one but two new songs, “Please” and “Summer Days,” and a new music video.

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This time around, both of the singles were produced and written by Milosh (it’s not clear if Robin will be involved in the upcoming project, especially since he’s known to always carry a full plate), but they manage to continue the stylistic tone set by Rhye’s first release. “Please” is another languid ballad, with Milosh trying to comfort his lover after she’s misconstrued what he said. The simple idea is fleshed out with beautiful strokes of piano, warm bass and just the slightest touch of percussion. Then, on the chorus, keys dance across the soundbed like ripples across a body of water and strings are added as the song progresses. The black-and-white video for the track embraces the song’s intimate feel, with interpretive dancers swaying and moving to the soulful rhythm as artistic shots are mixed in throughout.

“Summer Days” takes a different approach, with Milosh channeling his inner ’70s singer-songwriter. He concocts a mid-tempo groove propelled forward by a solid bass groove and piano, accenting it with synths when needed. As he lays down the rhythm nice and thick, he weaves a plea for seduction. “C’mon give in to me, c’mon give in to you,” he begins. “C’mon worship me / Mmm, I’ll worship you.” As the song progresses, we get the picture of a summer fling he’s hoping to make more permanent, and we must say he makes a pretty convincing argument.

We think it’s safe to say that Rhye has come correct with this comeback. Check out both “Please” and “Summer Days” right here via Spotify and read on for the video for “Please.”

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