MF Robots Will Make You 'Believe In Love'

MF Robots introduced themselves to us with a bang earlier this year with the one-two punch of "The Night is Calling" and "Come On With the Good Thing." These singles and their accompanying videos delivered a hearty serving a soul-laced jazz-funk from the duo comprised of Jan Kincaid and Dawn Joseph.  The founding member of The Brand New Heavies and one-time singer with the group have proven to be a delightful match and continue to impress us (and make us want to boogie) with their latest single "Believe In Love."

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Dawn begins "Believe In Love" with the lyrics "Let me break it down," and she proceeds to do just that as she encourages the listener to keep love alive. "You gotta believe in something / Might as well believe in love, love, love, love," she later sings on the chorus and will melt all the icicles away from your cold-cold hearts. The instrumentation matches the message with an upbeat groove of percussion, organ and horns that swing and sway. This song is one finger-snapping, toe-tapping, feel-good time.

For the music video, MF Robots takes us on a little excursion. Jan and Dawn take us along for the ride on their day trip to the waterfront. Their riding with the top down underneath sunshiny blue skies. With a smile and disposition as bright as the sun itself, Dawn lights up her scenes. The video ends with Kincaid and Joseph dancing at sunset, and we see them embrace and share a kiss. Far be it for us to speculate, but it seems like this pair are indeed believing in love.

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"Believe In Love" will go on sale on Friday, July 21st, so make plans to add it to your collections and playlists then. While MF Robots puts the finishing touches on their debut album, the group will play their first headline show at Oslo Hackney in England on September 21st.

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