Masego & Xavier Omär Try To Find The Perfect Girl In 'Wifeable'

The last time we caught up with Masego, he was looking for love on “Navajo.” The Trap House Jazz originator clearly has love on the brain as he takes a step back into his catalog for the new music video for "Wifeable," a track from his 2016 LP Loose Thoughts,” featuring Xavier Omär. "Wifeable" has actually been out for a couple years, with different versions of the song floating around the interwebs. Masego has been tinkering with it, switching up the drums, rewriting lyrics and incorporating other changes in an attempt to create the perfect song about a potential boo.

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On “Wifeable,” Masego speaks his intentions into existence, stating, “That girl right there wifeable / She gon’ be my girlfriend.”  Xavier Omär plays wing man, singing a refrain, a few ad-libs and adding some beautiful harmonies to the track. The mid-tempo production of synths, hand claps and intermittent saxophone courtesy of the multi-instrumentalist creates a lively backdrop. The track doesn’t really have a strong structure to it, as it is more of a groove. But that fits the “jazz” part of his Trap House Jazz style and adds to the infectiousness of the song.

Masego and Xavier have a really fun and free video for the song, as well. In the clip, we see a few different women go head-to-head for the heart of the artist through a series of challenges. We’re treated to scenes of the ladies competing in random activities such as playing chess and video games, painting and a dance off. While the lovely ladies are competing, they aren’t catty and seem to be genuinely having fun with no Flavor of Love-esque shenanigans. The clip ends with natural hair influencer Ginny Pettitt better known as Frogirl Ginny, who we think may be Masego’s love interest both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, receiving his coveted gold chain with saxophone pendant to signify that she's the one.

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While we’re not sure why Masego has been playing around with "Wifeable" for so long or his reasons for filming a video for the track now, we’re not the least bit mad. The song goes hard, and the video is super cute. As far as we're concerned, it's right on time.

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