DAWN Works Through Some Issues With ‘Maybe’

D∆WN seems to really be in the sharing mood as of late. Last week, the songstress shared the confessional “GRAVITY” with us. And now, as she gears up to kick off her summer tour in Detroit this week, she drops yet another personal track with “Maybe.”

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One of the things that really hit home for us with “GRAVITY” was how unflinchingly honest the song was. The same can be said for “Maybe.” Simply captioned “therapy session” on SoundCloud, “Maybe” is led by atmospheric synths that set up a pensive mood for the opening verse. “Maybe you’ll love me later / Can you do me that favor?” she sings. “Maybe you’ll thank me later / When the crooked world turns straighter.” Her vocal here is breathy as she proposes different scenarios, wondering if her lover will reciprocate the gestures she’s given and the emotions she’s feeling. While she sings out her inner dialogue, the music ebbs and flows with her emotional state, distorting the notes and her voice in the process until the glitchy but satisfying close of the track.

We’re not sure if D∆WN is planning a new release and is giving us a preview or if she just has a few musical things to get off her chest. What we do know is that this stream of revealing consciousness she’s creating with these tracks is definitely keeping our attention thus far. See if you feel the same by taking a listen below and then head to D∆WN’s website for her upcoming tour dates and tickets.

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