Carolyn Malachi Has Some Harsh Words For 'Andrew' With A Beautiful Visual For All Lovers

Photo Credit: Drew Xeron

Earlier this week on July 5th, Carolyn Malachi celebrated another year of life, love and experience. And, like most people of a certain age, she wasn’t necessarily on the receiving end of gifts. She was the one doing the sharing. One gift is an Income Diversification for the Independent Artist series on FlipBoard, along with a seminar to take place later this month. Another, which you were probably expecting, is a new song, “Andrew.” On the slow but brooding track, Ms. Malachi gives a certain someone a piece of her mind, while the video gives the world a piece of her heart.

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“Andrew” finds Ms. Malachi giving the song’s namesake the big F-U for leading her on. Over a melodic sound bed of drums, hand claps and bass guitar, Carolyn lays down her boy toy’s transgressions, wishing he’d been honest with her from the start. Of course, while the songstress is speaking from experience, there’s also a universal message attached as she reveals in the last few lines, “This song isn’t just about you / It’s for anyone who preys on good people just like me / Strong, beautiful and free!”

That closing line comes to life in full beautiful color and emotion in the music video for the song. Adapted from Be Steadwell’s short film A Vow of Silence, it explores a queer woman of color’s journey. Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, the protagonist gives up her voice to reclaim the heart of her true love. However, she finds her own voice and power in the process. The video has edited down the 28-minute film to just a few scenes. However, the story doesn’t lose any punch. The actresses in the piece give great performances that sell every tear, every wink and every side eye of the 4-minute clip.

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Love, good, bad or something in between, is something that people of all colors, creeds, sexualities, economic groups and situationships experience. Carolyn Malachi has smartly and refreshingly used her platform to share her message with a variety of audiences. Of course, Carolyn has always used her art to deliver a strong message, whether it’s about love, conquering the daily grind or domestic abuse. We wish we could be half as inspiring and prolific as the independent diva. For now, we'll just try to glean some life lessons and great art from her latest gift to her fans.

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