Bounce-Worthy: The APX

Their instruments of choice: synthesizers, keyboards, percussion, vocals and hand claps. Watching the duo in action is a treat, as they move in sync and never miss a beat because their chemistry is off the charts. Electrik Funk single “Lose Yourself To The Groove” is a perfect example of their electric pairing. The track is an instant groove and effortlessly pays homage to ’70s and ’80s funk and disco without being a carbon copy of anything we’ve heard before. With powerful vocals supplied by Erika, the single is an easy listen that will also get stuck in your head.

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Considering they love the disco era, it only makes sense that the couple are huge fans of the late iconic producer and songwriter Kashif. They provide their own renditions of his production “I’m In Love,” originally performed by Evelyn “Champagne” King. The duo also take a page from another married duo, Yarbrough and Peoples, taking their 1986 song “Guilty” and making it their own. Watch the twosome get busy in the YouTube videos to see what we mean about their chemistry, and be prepared to get a tinge of couple envy.

Based on what we’ve seen and heard so far, this electric twosome and their musical career can only go up from here. With Electrik Funk and more to come from The APX, we want to make sure we get a permanent invitation to any party they throw, and you can definitely be our guest. If you’re in the Atlanta area, help The APX celebrate their album release tonight at the City Winery. You can cop Electrik Funk on iTunes now and listen to some of our favorite The APX tracks when you move and groove to our Bounce-Worthy playlist below.

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