Xscape Reunites & Brings Back The ’90s At BET Awards 17 With A Medley Of Hits

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

You would think it was the ’90s all over again with the amount of buzz the ladies of platinum-selling group Xscape have been getting. Ever since it was announced that the ladies would be getting back together, fans haven’t been able to stop talking about it. The quartet — consisting of Kandi BurrussLaTocha ScottTameka “Tiny” Harris and Tamika Scott — has lined up quite the undertaking for their reunion. They have a docu-series set to air this fall chronicling their return and are set to take the stage at this year’s ESSENCE Festival. But first, they made a stop at this year’s BET Awards to deliver renditions of a few of their classic tracks.

Dressed in jumpsuits that sparkled with sequins and shined with jewels, the ladies began with their ballad “Understanding” while seated on stools in front of the house band. The jam went over well with the BET Awards audience, with many of them singing along as the ladies belted the song’s lyrics. Soon, they were up off their seats as they switched to their well-received cover of The Jones Girls‘ “Who Can I Run To.” LaTocha led the track, but it was Tamika who led the walk to center stage as the ladies serenaded the crowd. After they were done slowing things down, they took it way back to their first ever hit, “Just Kickin’ It,” as the stage lit up with pink and blue neon lights. Overall, Xscape thrilled the crowd, though at times it seemed as if a couple of ladies were competing to make their individual stand above the rest (we’re looking at you LaTocha). Then there were the times when the ladies couldn’t quite get those notes right. Seeing as this reunion is just getting started, we’re sure that they’ll work out those kinks as things move forward.

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If you’ve been waiting to check out Xscape back on the stage, check out their mostly triumphant return at the BET Awards below.

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