The SoulBounce Q&A: Mali Music Talks His ‘Transition,’ The Music Industry & The Next Part Of His Evolution

Photo Credit: Shane McCauley

Mali Music released his latest major label album, The Transition Of Mali, at the top of the month. After waiting three years between projects, the question wasn’t if the singer/songwriter would return with another strong project, it was when. Timing is everything, and now more than ever Mali’s brand of inspirational soul is needed. While he is currently enjoying positive feedback from listeners around the world who’ve embraced the new music on The Transition Of Mali, the journey hasn’t been easy.

From dealing with criticism from his original gospel fans, experiencing the politics of a fast-paced, digital industry and simply staying grounded as a person, Mali has been through it all. We sat down with Mali to understand what transitioning really means to him and what he hopes fans will take away from his latest offering.

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