Snoh Aalegra Enlists Logic To Lead Us To Her ‘Home’ Again

Though she’s definitely been getting more burn as of late, Snoh Aalegra has been putting her thing down for quite some time. In fact, a little over a year ago, she dropped her stellar EP Don’t Explain. The set found her smoldering over nine tracks that showed she has much to offer. Recently, she revisited the EP, giving her track “Home” the remix treatment with the help of Maryland rap star Logic.

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The smooth slice of R&B is all about finding home in your love rather than relying on it being a physical manifestation. “Out here in the world I’m not alone /As long as I’ve got you,  I’ve got a home,” she sings on the song’s chorus. “If you just don’t let go so I don’t feel the cold / As long as I’ve got you, I’ve got a home.” The remix doesn’t change the track’s initial structure much. The sturdy bass line still anchors the track, with distant synth murmurs and tight vocal arrangements providing much of the melody. What does change, though, is the incorporation of Logic into the proceedings. His voice first appears at the track’s beginning, introducing the track with a simple “Yeah, uh, yeah.” His verse at the song’s middle helps elaborate on the song’s theme, even upping the stakes at times. “Baby girl I need you, I breathe you, no I could never leave you,” he spits. “I just don’t have it in my heart to deceive you / Wherever I go she go, wherever she goes, that’s my home.”

The heartfelt sentiment of Snoh Aalegra’s vocal and Logic’s heartfelt rap makes revisiting “Home” a must. Give it a listen below.

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