Masego Is Looking For Love On ‘Navajo’

As indicated by the recent video of his studio jam session with French producer FKJ, Masego has been busy. Though we haven’t heard any official solo releases since his Loose Thoughts EP last year, he’s kept us happy with his Mother’s Day ode and his collaborations with the likes of SiR and Brasstracks. His latest release “Navajo” remind us of what the singer/rapper/producer/multi-instrumentalist can do when left to his own devices.

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There’s an instant head nod when this tracks drops, but Masego’s distinct “Trap House Jazz” sound keeps it all very smooth. We hear multiple genres seamlessly embedded throughout the tune, including hip-hop, R&B and jazz, as the multi-talented musician sings and raps about a woman who keeps slipping from his grasp. Both pain and desire penetrate his voice as he sings, “I know you see it girl / This ain’t sitting real good in my soul / Everywhere this little girl goes / She pick up another obstacle.” He continues the story, “I thought she was an Indian (Navajo) / Now she only worried ‘bout the Benjamins (Grab the gold) / She been lurking in my dreams (There she go) / I swear that eyes on me.” It’s a passionate tale of elusive love that we can’t dwell on long, as we are too busy getting the groove this tune is serving.

“Navajo” showcases Masego’s impeccable vocal and songwriting talent, both of which instantly entice the listener. In the video of him performing the track on the European music platform Colors, we even hear him “trapscat” towards the end, after noting that he left his saxophone at home. The minimalist video shows the DMV artist alone with little more than a mic, but with his energy and stage presence, the vibe is simply infectious. While there’s no word on whether this track is a sign of things to come, we are more than ready for a full-length project.

Listen to and watch Masego perform “Navajo,” and get ready to add this tune to your summer ’17 playlists.

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