Kintaro Proves His Talent Is ‘Universal’ On New EP

Former The Internet alum Kintaro has been a busy man since departing from the group. You’ve probably heard the bevy of loosies he’s dropped, including “Don’t Mind A Label” and “Superstar.” However, he fully steps into his own with the release of his new EP, Universal.

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Universal finds Kintaro (also known as Jameel Bruner, the younger brother of Thundercat and Ronald Bruner, Jr.) refining his unique blend of R&B, funk, soul, trap, hip-hop and whatever other genres he feels like throwing into the mix. He opens up with the brash “Alt Pln,” a trappy banger on which he proclaims, “I don’t give a f**k ’bout your opinion” as cymbals blare and 808s boom. He switches gears completely for “Mk,” which features an uncredited Anderson.Paak. Things on the cut start out straight-up jazzy before AP exclaims, “Oh s**t, that n***a got a pistol.” That flips the groove completely to a glitchy funk jam as Anderson leads the way rapping and singing about a bad chick, letting her know “I still might have to take you down.” Kintaro picks up from there with a playful rap before the two join forces near the song’s end. He gets a bit reflective on “West,” a slow-paced number featuring eerie chords. Percussion bubbles under the surface of the cut as he describes a situation that is more lust than love.

It’s back to the trap for the last two tracks, “Trap You” and “Alien Trap.” On the former, a knocking beat sets up Kintaro for lines full of braggadocio and warnings for those who might betray him. The latter sounds exactly like the title suggests, with space-age synths meeting trap beats as he rhymes about seeing “dead people walking.” Yeah, it’s a bit out there.

Kintaro’s left-of-center approach to music is all over Universal and further proves that the Bruner Brothers are a talented bunch. However, while each is doing their own thing, it looks like Kintaro’s vision might be the most future-focused. Stream Universal below and pick it up now from your retailer of choice.

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Kintaro Universal EP [Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]


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