Illa J Takes Us On A Trip 'Home' To Detroit

Photo Credit: Robert Winter

Illa J takes us on a trip "Home" in his latest video. The new track, which features Illa J singing and not rapping, is the title track from his forthcoming album set to be released at the end of the month. Prior to that, he's showing us where he's from with a tour of Detroit and his actual home. On the mid-tempo track, Illa J keeps it soulful with his smooth vocals and harmony-filled chorus. In the video, he's flanked by his family, including nephews and nieces, and is just as happy as he can be. The video reinforces the track's celebration of family, community, resilience and the city of Detroit.

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Directed by Die Ottos, Illa J looks happy to be among his kinfolk as they follow him around the city. We see J Dilla memorabilia, key landmarks and Illa and his crew hanging tight on the porch. "Bugged out that this is my first ever single being released without any rapping in the entire song…Been wanting to do this for so long," the new crooner stated in a press release. "The house I'm sitting in front of in the video is actually the house my parents brought me home to as a baby. It's home in the most literal sense as I'm surrounded by family, my nieces and cousins. Also in a way showing how I'm the man of my family now since my dad and my brother are gone physically, I represent them both."

From what we can tell, Home is going to be a soulful listen. Just last month Illa released "Sam Cook," which features the rapper flexing his vocals yet again. Set for release on June 30th, Home was produced entirely by Los Angeles-based producer Calvin Valentine and is available for pre-order on digital and on vinyl via Bandcamp and iTunes. Watch the video for "Home" right here and see if Illa J makes you feel right at home with him and his crew.

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