De La Soul Shows Us An Artistic Journey In ‘Drawn’

De La Soul might have put out their first album way back in 1989, but the hip-hop trio proved that they’re still innovating the genre with their most recent effort And The Anonymous Nobody…. The album, which was released to critical acclaim last year, found the group taking a different approach and working with a host of collaborators. In fact, one of those collaborations, the Little Dragon-featuring “Drawn,” just got the video treatment.

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One of the most interesting things about “Drawn” was the fact that, for the majority of the song, we mainly hear LD frontwoman Yukimi Nagano‘s voice, with De La’s Posdnuos coming in to deliver a lyrical coda. From what we can see of the video, it looks like the same approach has been taken, though Little Dragon doesn’t look to make an appearance. Instead, we focus on an artist as she goes through her day. From her first waking to eventually seeing her drawing, painting and dancing, we get an idea of what her artistic life consists of. Unfortunately, because the video is offered as a TIDAL exclusive, that’s about all we get (is it just us or are these streaming wars becoming a pain in the a**?). We can only assume from the song and the pic of Pos on socials (which you can see above) that the De La crew eventually joins in on the festivities, but we’d need a subscription to be sure. Oh well.

If you do happen to a have a subscription, enjoy the video for “Drawn” in full below. The rest of us will have to settle for a few seconds of action while we wait for the video to be released to the masses in the near future.

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