SoulBounce Exclusive: Boulevards Wants To Go 'Steady' With You

We've been witness to many a promposal this prom season, some rather simple and a few much more elaborate. However, at their heart, they all typically boil down to that one grade-school question: "Do you like me? Yes or no?" Singer and Brooklyn native Boulevards captures the anxiousness of asking that age old question with his new single "Steady," the second release from his upcoming album Hurtown, USA, and ties it into the promposal trend with its accompanying video. Lucky for you, SoulBounce has an exclusive first look at the fun clip for your viewing pleasure.

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The clip finds Boulevards making his move on the day of prom. He strolls into the school's gymnasium, where he serenades the apple of his eye before going on a tour of the high school's many different rooms. From the drama department to the cafeteria, the two spread their love through the building while acting out the entirety of high school life in a few short minutes. While the visuals keep things feeling like a schoolboy crush, the funky '80s-inspired groove — and some rather risqué lyrics — make the affair feel just grown enough for everyone to enjoy.

Writing about his video treatment, the clip's director, Dan Buyanovsky, stated, "'Steady' is a song about choosing to put yourself out there. For the video, I wanted to play on the retro idea of 'going steady' and stage a scene in a school where Jamil is wooing his girl, with a little help from the kind of friends we'd all be lucky to have. In the end, I hope we made the idea of committing look cool." Mision accomplished, Dan!

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Boulevards is currently touring with funky duo Tuxedo as an opening act, with him hitting the stage next on June 8th in Asheville, North Carolina and June 9th in Nashville. Check out the video for "Steady" below.

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