Get Your Sweet Tooth Ready For Big Boi’s ‘Chocolate’

We know everyone is trying to get their body summer-ready, but there’s always room for a little chocolate, right? Big Boi sure hopes so as that’s the name of his latest release from his upcoming album Boomiverse. The OutKast legend switches up lanes once again on the track after trying sugary pop/R&B on “Mic Jack” and booming trap on “Kill Jill.” For “Chocolate,” Big goes straight-up four-on-the-floor as he channels a bit of house and dance music for a sound that you might not expect from the “Thom Pettie” rapper.

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The track starts with a hard-hitting drum kick and squelchy synth bass as an altered voice says the chorus. “Hey, just cashed a check / I’m ’bouta blow it all on Chocolate / Sweet tooth, baby, make that dollar stretch,” it says as the rhythm amps up and Big’s verse is ushered in by cymbal crashes. Daddy Fat Sacks has a taste for something fine and brown it seems — and it ain’t manufactured by Hershey’s. Instead, he takes it to the club (it’s up to the listener to determine which kind) where the music is hot and the women are hotter. Litty off a combo of Henny and Tito’s Vodka, he gets to it and puts in a request for “you to gon’ head back it up” as he goes “hard in the paint like a n***a makin’ free throws.” While this sound is something we wouldn’t expect at all from Big Boi, damn if it doesn’t make you wanna shake a tailfeather.

“Chocolate” is just one of many jams from Boomiverse. We’re sure we’ll discover more when the record drops this Friday, June 16th. Until then, grab your glowsticks and satisfy your sweet tooth with “Chocolate” right here.

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