Avery*Sunshine Delivers An Acoustic ‘Prayer’ That Sounds Like Heaven

As you already know, Avery*Sunshine can sell ice to an Eskimo with the power of her voice. She proves it time and time again, especially when she drops off acoustic performances like the one she released of “The Ice Cream Song.” The songstress, along with her partner in music and life, Dana “Big Dane” Johnson, decided to deliver an acoustic version of her inspirational track “Prayer Room.” Whether you believe in a higher power or not, you can’t help but have chills as you listen to Avery sing you to your knees.

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Armed with her voice and Dana’s guitar, the duo tells the story about writing the song right after the Paris nightclub shooting in 2015. “Every show I play and someone says, ‘I needed that song you wrote and it got me through something.’ I am reminded that I have a responsibility. We have enough darkness and pain, there is enough of that already. We have got to be champions for positivity and light,” says Avery in a press release. Unless there’s an icebox where your heart used to be, the song and performance will be sure to melt your worries away.

The former church pianist and musical director has been making her rounds with her sophomore project Twenty Sixty Four. If you haven’t seen Avery*Sunshine live, visit her website to check out her latest tour dates. Until she comes to a city near you, watch Avery sing “Prayer Room” below and be sure to pick up Twenty Sixty Four from your favorite retailer.

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